The Slammed Big Daddy Caddy Roadster!

If we are talking Hot Cars, Justin Carrillo’s 1960 Cadillac Convertible Custom fits in this category on 200%. This ride’s build takes about seven months, it’s sponsored by “Auto Loc” and “Accu Air” and features some of the world’s best components available on the market. It debuted at 2011 SEMA car show and won General Motors Best GM Vehicle of show.

The incredible body features a custom hood, fins and fenders and a roadster windshield. Justin’s Caddy rides on Powder Coated chassis, spinning 22’s from “Raceline Static”. The interior looks totally gorgeous and can be seen from a mile away, because of its red leather seats. Under the hood of this slammed Cadillac is sitting a 454 cubic inch Big Block Chevy engine ready to rock. This American classic car born as a 1960 Coupe De Ville have been transformed into masterpiece.

Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!