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The History Of Mopar Super Stockers

In The 60’s You Could Be Sure Of One Thing: If you Puled Next To A Mopar…You Better Be Ready To Race!

landy's dodge mopar super stockers

This Hot Cars video is an episode of American muscle car, where you will get 20 minutes of Mopar Super Stockers, HEMI and Wedge engines history as well as interviews with some of the big names from the street racing scene like Don Garlits a.k.a Big Daddy. As some of you remember during the muscle cars golden era Chrysler was building the most radical racing hardware, hiding it under some very plane sheet metal and terrorize the competition at the drag strip. That was all the Mopar enthusiasts lived for back then.

With teams like the Ramchargers and legendary cars like the Melrose Missile or Landy’s Dodge, there was a Chrysler car in the winner circle every week and they basically owned the Super stock class.

Check out the video to follow the history through the years. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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