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Viper’s Nest | The Largest Dodge/SRT Collection

viper's nest the largest dodge srt viper collection in the world

The Largest Viper Collection In The World.

Hot Cars will take you on a trip to D’Ann Rauh and her husband Wayne’s home where the boys from eGarage have filmed their incredible automobile collection of 100 vehicles, 65 of which are Vipers and there are some really nice dodge muscle cars as well.

“It’s really hard to have a favorite, it’s a different feel with each car” – shares D’Ann in front of the camera while seating in her super cool chair.

It all started not long ago in 2006, when Wayne decided he wants a Viper. After looking at many magazines and sites, he couldn’t make up his mind, so the family found the biggest dealer in the country and went to pay him a visit in Illinois. From there the story gets even more interesting, but we will let you hear it from the happy family in the video.

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