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Untouched NASCAR 1974 Dodge HEMI Charger | Video

jim vandiver 1974 dodge charger race car

Jim Vandiver’s Dodge Charger in Great Shape!

Raced for 14 years at the NASCAR Cup circuit this 1974 Dodge HEMI Charger sits untouched in pristine condition at an old school Mopar enthusiast’s garage. Marvin Hughes has personally bought this Dodge race car of Jim Vandiver over 20 years ago.

Being in the exact same shape like when it was screaming down the track, still packing its HEMI engine that has no problem being started this classic NASCAR 1974 Charger is a true time capsule. Despite the fact that Ray Evernham shows up in a Chevy this is a very cool video.

Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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