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8-Second Chevy Impala Impalasaurus | Drag Racing

We all love the gorgeous style of the classic Chevy Impalas and there are some fabulous hot rods at every car show, but what we have here is a 8-second 1960 Impala which makes the crowd go wild at various drag racing events over and over again.

Steve Scott’s 1960 Impala Wheelstander!

Steve Scott bought it 20 years ago all stock powered by a 283 engine paired with a Powerglide tranny. A while ago he decided to build a street machine and fitted his 1960 Impala with a Crate 502 V8 mounted to a Turbo 400 and Dana 60.

I guess this wasn’t fast enough for him, so Steve swapped the 502 with a JLO built naturally aspirated 632 engine and the result is a wheelstanding 8-second Chevrolet Impala a.k.a Impalasaurus proud member of the Midwest Super Stock Mafia 8 sec Doorslammers Group.

Check out my man James Hrovat’s video to see this wild 1960 Chevy Impala in action!

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