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Drag Racing a Mustang With No Legs | Inspiring!

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Crazy Legs Chad & His Nitrous New Edge Mustang!

Chad Anselmi is a man that sets an example for all of us no matter what business we are into. When lost the use of both his legs in an unfortunate accident Chad didn’t turn back on his passion, but rather got even more motivated.

Using a specially made for him hand control set up, Crazy Legs Chad shows up at drag racing events all over the country to compete with the big boys in his highly modified New Edge Mustang and has a lot of fun.

Chad’s Neon Green Nitrous Fed Mustang sports a 632 cubic inch V8 engine and I can’t even imagine how hard it is to race such a beast when you don’t feel your legs, but for him this is a dream come true and he will continue to inspire people all around the Globe.

See the 1320Video and please share so more people can see this motivating story!

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