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Check Out This Cool 1969 Camaro Pro Touring Build

hugger orange 1969 camaro build

Although there are plenty of top notch custom built first gen Camaros nowadays, a high end Pro Touring builds like this 1969 Chevy Camaro always attract attention. The best part is that this muscle car was restored to be driven while it can score high or any car show as well.

The Hugger Orange paint job has a mirror finish, the chrome and trim are perfect and those nicely polished 17-inch American Racing rims combined with upgraded suspension provide for that awesome stance this Pro Touring 1969 Camaro has.

The White interior retains its factory styling and nicely blends with the Hugger Orange F-body, while under the hood there are plenty of mods. This Pro Touring Chevy Camaro sports a well massaged LS1 Corvette motor with sexy voice mounted to a 6-speed Tremec and 9-inch differential.

Check out the Classic Car Studio video to see more on this sexy muscle car and don’t forget to share!

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