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Sweet Pea – Single Digit Turbo Chevy Nova Sleeper

sweet pea chevy nova holley ls fest

Normally people refer to all stock looking muscle cars with big power plants under the hood as sleepers, but the turbo 1968 Chevy Nova a.k.a “Sweet Pea” is definitely one of the heaviest hitters I’ve seen at drag racing events. She is old and beat up, but as we know looks can be deceiving and that’s exactly the case here.

Ray Gardocki’s “Sweet Pea” 1968 Chevy Nova packs a beefed up V8 mill boosted by Borg Warner turbocharger and scores multiple low 9-second passes at the Holley LS Fest. Check out the BigKleib34 video to see this Chevy Nova Sleeper in action and don’t forget to smack the Like button!

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