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Steve Higginbottom’s Wicked 2017 Ford Mustang GT

Ford made a big hit with the introduction of the S550 platform and the sixth generation Mustangs become very popular all around the world within modern muscle car enthusiasts and tuners. Steve Higginbottom’s blacked out 2017 Ford Mustang GT is a great example of the above as the owner is from Sheffield, United Kingdom and has fitted his modern muscle car with mods all the way around to transform it into a striking stallion.

The appearance of Steve’s S550 Mustang is enhanced with Super Snake stripes, tinted windows and lights and 20-inch Velgen Split5 wheels specially designed for the 6th generation Mustangs.

Further Steve has fitted the 2017 Mustang GT with Eibach Pro lowering springs and sway bars, Steeda K-brace and Full Stop the Hop Kit to achieve this awesome stance and improve the way his muscle car feels on the road.

The handling of the custom S550 Mustang is improved with a Strut Tower Brace from Ford Racing and when it comes to performance Steve has installed cold air intake from Roush, Ford Racing catback exhaust and remapped the 5.0 motor increasing the power to 454rwhp and supercharger is to be installed soon.

Let us know what do you think about this 2017 Mustang GT customization in the comment section below and in case you own a muscle car we will be happy to feature your story. Don’t worry is free, just shoot us a message using the contact form.

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