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Cool Granny Banging Gears in 428 CJ Ford Fairlane

428 cobra jet stick shift 1969 ford fairlane

Owner of a 428 CJ powered stick shift 1969 Fairlane Cobra, Sue Mcllvanie drives the classic muscle car all over the States and often can be seen banging gears at the strip. Very small percentage of people that own those mostly original classic cars do that and trust me Sue isn’t messing around, she pushes that 428 Cobra Jet beast real hard and knows ho to handle the 4-speed Husrt shifted tranny.

She purchased it back in 1972 from a Ford dealer with some engine issues, her Father put the 428 Cobra Jet V8 motor back together and the 1969 Fairlane has seen a lot of miles ever since on both the road and the race track. My man James Hrovat (VictoryRedColorado) has filmed the Gearhead Granny at Byron Dragway. Check out the video!

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