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Impeccable Tri-Five Chevy Pro Street “Nasty 57”

tri five chevy blown 540 big block

This Pro Street Chevrolet Bel Air named “Nasty 57” is the perfect prove that you can build a top notch hotrod without losing any of the Tri-Five Chevy iconic appearance. Show quality two-tone paint job and chrome, 15-inch rims wrapped in fat rubber at the back and a supercharger, this thing is pure old school awesomeness.

The “One Off Rod & Custom” built Pro Street 1957 Chevy also impress with high end custom interior featuring roll bars, stylish seats, beautiful dash etc. In terms of power “Nasty 57” counts on Big Block 540 Chevrolet V8 engine detailed to perfection and topped with 6-71 blower to produce over 900 wheel horsepower.

Check out my man Scottie’s video from the Jokers Wild car show to see more of this hotrod!

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