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The “INFRARED” 600whp Camaro is No Trailer Queen

1971 chevy camaro restomod

Steve Aguilar, the owner of this outstanding Camaro restomod is one of those car guys who won’t remain satisfied with their rides for too long. He built a hotrod out of a frame-off restored 1971 Chevy Camaro and got a 2nd place at the Grand National Roadster show. Then he decided to try on a Detroit Speed suspension he had laying around for a while, and things went out of control.

The design, the paint scheme, all the custom fabrication everything about the “INFRARED” 1971 Camaro is just spectacular. Steve has one-off HRE wheels, a work of art interior with some fascinating features like the steering wheel and gauges, and last but not least under the hood sits a 454 LSX engine detailed to perfection that makes 600 horsepower to the wheels.

Again, the “INFRARED” ’71 Camaro is no trailer queen, so hit the play button and enjoy the ride!

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