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1963 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock 426 Max Wedge

real 1963 plymouth savoy 426 max wedge

While many owned great classic Mopars back in the day and regret selling those as they will never get a chance to own another one, that’s not the case with Rich Udell. He owned the same Ruby Red 1963 Plymouth Savoy, with the only difference being the 383 V8 engine, but now he has done a little better.

In 2019 Rich purchased this real deal 426 Max Wedge powered 1963 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock. It is 1 of 18 produced and only shows 23,000 original miles on the odometer as the Mopar was kept in a museum for years. What a great piece of American automotive history.

Check out my friend Lou’s video for the full story of this Super Stock Plymouth Savoy!

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