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This Pro Street ’56 Chevy Pick Up Truck is Insane

custom built 1956 chevy truck

Capable of over 2,000 horsepower, going 0-60mph in less than a second, and at the same time the guy drives it to the grocery store, yes this custom built 1956 Chevy truck is insane. Many will say driving a vehicle capable of so much power on the street is not right, but Griffin Steinfeld is a young dude from California and he keeps all his builds street legal. In fact he even built the engine himself.

The Pro Street ’56 Chevy truck packs a fully built Precision twin turbocharged LS dressed with AFR heads and Dougherty Racing camshaft making 1,400hp on 20psi. However, Griffin says he is planning to utilize its full potential (40psi) and estimates the horsepower to over 2,000. No need to say more as you’ll see all about the build and plenty of action in the AutotopiaLA’s video.

Get yourself comfortable, hit the play button and enjoy the ride in the ’56 Chevy!

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