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Brutal 1971 Dodge Demon Runs 7-Second 1/4 Mile

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Those of you who follow Hot Cars for a while will surely remember the Italian muscle car enthusiast and drag racer Raffaele Corneo as we have featured his awesome 572 powered Plymouth Cuda quite a few times. Today we will show you the brutal 1971 Dodge Demon built by the Italian car shop “2000 Motors” and piloted by Raffaele. Check out the quick walkaround video and scroll down for the 1/4 mile action.

Now that you’ve heard the terrifying sound of that monstrous 1,300 horsepower 572 V8 mill and saw the 2000 Motors built 1971 Dodge Demon all the way around, it’s time to get inside the car with Raffaele Corneo and fly down the 1/4 mile in 7.75 seconds. Enjoy the ride.

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