R-Code 1968½ Ford Mustang GT | Review & Test Drive

r code ford mustang gt review


The iconic Fastback design combined with Ford's high performance 428 Cobra Jet engine paired with a four speed, that is a classic Mustang at its finest. The R-Code 1968½ Ford Mustang GT featured is also one of the finest examples of a driver car I have seen.

r code 1968.5 ford mustang gt test drive


Long story short, the guys at LumberJack Garage had this R-Code 1968½ Ford Mustang GT brought in by a customer. After they were done working on the Stallion, they decided to do a detailed video review of the car and take it out for quick test drive. Great content.

It is a long video, but if you want to learn about the 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs, you will enjoy it!


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