Karen Keves's Holden HQ Monaro "Marilyn"

Multi Award Winner Holden Monaro Custom.

In this Hot Cars video we will introduce you a gorgeous muscle car  known as "Marilyn". It was unveiled at an event in 2011 and have won a number of awards ever since. To name your custom car like a woman means that you really love her (the woman). And we’re not talking about any woman,but for the iconic Marilyn Monroe.


Karen Keves custom Holden HQ Monaro Marilyn

“Marilyn Monroe was a real woman with curves in all the right places. The flowing lines over those distinctive hips… She was very sexy looking and one-of-a-kind ,that’s why I had to call my HQ Monaro ‘Marilyn” says Karen Keves.


This awesome combination of modern pro touring and vintage originality that he got in mind took about three and a half years to become a real car, but every sleepless night spent on it have paid back.

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