1962 Plymouth Fury Raced Since Day 1

Tearing up the tracks since day one, with a proud history of holding the national record for its class back in 1970, this 1962 Plymouth Fury has more stories to tell than your favorite grandpa at a family reunion.


1962 plymouth fury

And guess what? It's still doing its thing, showing off those 30,000 original miles like a badge of honor and flaunting a paint job that's seen more years than some of us have been around.


1962 plymouth fury engine

It is powered by a 383 V8 engine, and watching this classic beauty tearing down the 1/4 mile is a sight to behold. Play James Hrovat’s video from Byron Dragway to see the 1962 Plymouth Fury in action.


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1964 plymouth sport fury 4 speed
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