Red Victor 3 – World’s Fastest Street Legal Car

Red Victor 3 – Andy Frost’s Dream Comes True.

In this Hot Cars video we will show you the fastest street legal car in the world in the quarter mile. The creator of the Red Victor 1 and 2 and his team have worked on this project for three years and the result proves that big dreams turns into reality when you are 100% dedicated on something and work hard to achieve it.

red victor - world's fastets street legal carThe car is powered by a 539 cubic inch Chevy V8 motor – creation of  Lamude Racing Engines equipped with Twin Turbo specially built for it. It has won quite a few awards including the record for world’s fastest street car, which was held for 25 months.

In this year’s Drag Week Edition a new record was set by Larry Larson. Is there a Red Victor 4 coming?

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