The Martini Mustang By Pure Vision

Steve Strope’s  Mustang Fastback Project.

In this Hot Cars video is featured something more than just another American muscle car. This is a vision turned into art on wheels with a lot of passion and dedication. If you know Steve’s work you will notice his signature on many details of this pony.

ford mustang fastback martini by pure vision

As you can imagine creating this concept was quite a challenge for the designer from Pure Vision. His idea was to team up Ford and Martini Racing by creating a Mustang rally car that will take over Europe. Of course for that purpose a high performance vehicle had to be built and that happened by powering this Fastback with a 1966 Ford/Lotus Indy Car Motor. The result is a car that makes every Stang enthusiast’s heart skip a beat.

Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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