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1971 Chevy El Camino SS Street machine that produce over 900 horse power – definitely gotta be on the Hot Cars website. This is another wicked hot rod filmed by Scottie at his “Traveling Charity Road Show”. Mark, the owner of this beautiful Chevy El Camino (big time bow tie guy) bought it for $1200 when he was nineteen and have been taking care of it for over twenty years. And you know what, it’s still looks like brand new.

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The coolest part of this pro street 1971 Chevy El Camino is the blower that allows the 540 cubic inch engine to go between 900 and 1000 horse power on pump gas.  Monster power and massive tires at he back…what is that mean?…a burnout machine. Check out the video above to learn all about this awesome Chevy El Camino build and don’t forget to smack the Like button!

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