1969 Camaro - Another Sick Muscle Car By Steve Holcomb.

This Hot Cars video is about a 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible - just another proof that Steve Holcomb and his crew at "Pro Auto Custom Interiors" are rolling like big dogs when we talk about building and customizing muscle cars on a level close to insanity. And let me tell you, this boys deliver, they keep 'em car after another. Scottie pays another visit to his friend Steve to show us this sick hot rod. When you look at this black and red masterpiece, riding on some huge chrome wheels, first thing that you will fall in love with is the incredible interior (make sense right). Many hours have been invested in it and a lot of detailing. Completely hand made dash, stunning red leather Corvette seats, awesome sound system, everything is customized to the max. When you pop the hood of this Convertible Chevrolet, you will find a nicely cleaned up LS2 motor producing 650 horse power. Check out the video to see all details on this wicked Pro Touring Camaro. Watch, Enjoy & Share!