1969 ford mustang coupe 302 v8 american mucle

1969 Mustang Coupe With a Boss 302 Look.

In this Hot Cars video is featured a beautiful classic American muscle from the late 60’s. The owner of this pony have let his imagination work and created a spectacular combination of 1969 Mustang Coupe and Boss 302. Very nice looking electric blue, shiny chrome bumpers, cool hood scoop and a set of awesome 17-inch chrome rims…this Stang definitely have the appropriate muscular attitude.

Of course to complete the picture some serious V8 power is necessary. Under the hood is sitting a nicely detailed 302 block with a valve covers and air cleaner from Ford Racing, connected to a 3-speed automatic and ready for some serious action. Check out this ultra clean Ford muscle car. Watch, Enjoy & Share!