Super Clean 1974 Plymouth Barracuda | Muscle Car

1974 plymouth barracuda custom built

Beautifully Restored 1974 Barracuda.

Here is another awesome Hot Cars video filmed by Scottie and of course another gorgeous muscle car in it. Pretty sure most Mopar enthusiast will love this Plymouth Barracuda Custom, due to the very cool kind of Pro touring way it's built, but without anything fancy on it.


1974 plymouth barracuda custom built muscle carBeautiful white paint, perfectly matching rims, nice stance and a very fine mix of classic look with a modern touch, this hot rod is definitely a top notch at first glance. When you see the body matching white nicely customized interior you won't be disappointed either, because it is extremely welcoming. Under the hood is sitting a very clean 360 cubic inch motor connected to an automatic transmission. Overall one very well custom built classic car.

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