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Sick Twin Turbo 1969 Chevy Camaro “The Truth”

2000hp 1969 chevy camaro custom the truth

1969 Camaro Custom By The Roadster Shop.

Here we are again with another insane muscle car from SEMA 2014. Built for eGarage and displayed at the Atech Motorsports booth “The Truth” is a top notch combination of a supercar styling and American muscle power. The extremely modified body includes a lot of hand made details, rides on one of the best modern Roadster Shop chassis and sits on a wicked set of HRE wheels.

The custom interior blends classic Chevrolet look and cool gauges in a way that you get the feeling you are sitting in a space ship from the 90’s movie.

Under the hood is the heart of this awesome hot rod. The 572 cubic inch Big Block Chevy motor built by Nelson Racing Engines is fed with a pair of 88mm turbos and produces the insane amount of 2000 horse power.

Some will say this car is useless and you can’t drive it on the street, but hey that’s what these boys do…they build over the top show cars.

Check out the video to see this monster Camaro at the car show. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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