1965 dodge dart great eight winner 2015 detroit autorama

Slick Dodge Dart Custom by Big Oak Garage.

This all custom one-off Dodge muscle car is one of the highly modified vehicles rewarded with the “Great Eight” at the 2015 Detroit Autorama car show and as you will see it is totally off the hook. From the gorgeous Green Mopar color, hand fabricated details, insane wheels everything about this muscle car is pure awesomeness.

When you look insides the “Dart SL“you will lose your mind on the wicked seats, steering wheel, shifter and gauges.

custom dodge dart sl by big oak garageThe engine compartment of the 65′ Dodge Dart looks totally cool too with a nicely detailed Supercharged Gen II 392 HEMI backed by a 6-speed Tremec transmission.

supercharged dodge dart great eight winner 2015 autorama

You better check out Scottie’s video and hear all about this masterpiece by one of the guys responsible for it.

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