turbocharged 1000hp 5th gen chevy camaro ss

Nasty Turbocharged 5th Gen Camaro SS.

If you happen to stop next to this Chevy at the traffic light you don’t see anything but a stock generation 5 Camaro. Nothing special right? As soon as the green light is on you start to hear a small whistle and in few more seconds this stock looking Camaro SS is way ahead of you. That’s because under its hood this muscle car hides a built LS3 engine with a custom S480 turbo kit and Squash Fuel system. With this combination this Turbocharged Camaro shows 1000 horsepower and 968 pounds of torque on the dyno. Quite a beast right?

See the video by “Scorch TV” to get a closer look at this sick Custom Gen 5 Camaro. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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