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nitrous 1966 mustang street car

Boss 302 Powered 1966 Mustang Runs 9 Seconds.

Tim Blanchard’s Ford Mustang is one eye catching coupe with beautiful paint job, nice set of Torque Thrust wheels and proper old school muscle car attitude. But the gorgeous appearance of this ’66 Mustang isn’t everything. Once you get closer and notice the Hoosier drag radial tires your perspective will change and when you hear the mean voice of the Boss 302 engine fed with 250 shot of Nitrous you already know this pony is much more than a nice looking classic Mustang.

Tim Blanchard buys this 1966 Mustang at the age of 13 for the hilarious $50 and with the help of his Father he starts a project, which have gone way beyond the initial plan. At his first run ever Tim wins the crowd with his Nitrous breathing Mustang Coupe by doing wheelstanding launches and constantly staying in the 9 seconds neighborhood. Considering the fact that Tim has not reach the full potential of his street car yet, an 8 sec run very soon won’t be a surprise.

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