twin turbo 1970 plymouth hemi duster at byron dragway

Twin Turbo 1970 Duster at Byron Dragway.

Brian Hicks is back at Byron Dragway in 2015 with his brutal Twin Turbocharged 1970 Plymouth Duster Pro mod packing a 526 HEMI motor to set a new 1/8 mph track record by running 3.94 seconds at 202.91 mph during the 21st Annual World Power Wheelstand Event.

But that doesn’t seems to be enough for Brian and he runs his fastest pass at 3.91 seconds at 198 mph to steal the victory from Judd Coffman and his Twin Turbo 1967 Shelby Mustang in the Top Dog Class.

See the video filmed by my man James Hrovat. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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