1963 Plymouth Belvedere Nostalgia Super Stock Car

1963 plymouth belvedere nostalgia super stock race car

Super Stock 1963 Belvedere “Asphalt Angel”

Owner of this wheelstanding Plymouth Belvedere race car is the president of Nostalgia Super Stock Inc. His name is Rich Berlisk and he has quite a story to tell about this old school Mopar. Rich’s “Asphalt Angel” has been competing at the drag strips of America since 1967 and he still loves to put the wheels in the air.

super stock 1963 plymouth belvedere asphalt angel

Looking immaculate, fully set for the drag racing and packing a bold carbureted V8 engine this 1963 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock race car is one of the coolest rides that was displayed at the World of Wheels car show in Wisconsin. Check out my friend Lou Costabile’s video to see and hear more of the “Asphalt Angel”

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