Superb Officially Licensed 1967 Mustang Eleanor!

licensed 1967 mustang eleanor build


1967 Mustang Eleanor by Fusion Luxury Motors!

Fusion Luxury Motors is a company based in Los Angeles, California where a professional team of designers and engineers transform original 1967 Fastback Mustangs to officially licensed Eleanor Mustang featured in the popular "Gone in 60 Seconds" movie.

1967 mustang eleanor fusion luxury motors build


All classic Mustangs are stripped down to bare metal in house, completely rebuilt to perfectly match the Eleanor car design and perform as a modern muscle car at the same time. Besides that each client can choose from variety of options to customize the 1967 Mustang according to his taste.

licensed 1967 mustang eleanor recreation


The Fusion recreated Eleanor Mustangs not only look immaculate, but are also built with the best parts available on the market and everything including even the gauges is branded. This particular example is the high end version packing a Roush Performance 427 V8 engine with Fuel Injected Stack system connected to a 5-speed Tremec transmission.

See the Mustang Connection video for all details on this handcrafted 1967 Mustangs. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

1967 Mustang Eleanor Build Test Drive