Turbocharged 3000hp Camaro Can't Keep It Straight

turbocharged camaro thunder valley raceway


Outrageous Gen 2 Camaro Drag Strip Drifting!

We have seen all kinds of monstrous machines and crazy set ups at the drag racing events all over the world and the Conquer the Concrete in Oklahoma was no exception. Although when synchronized well big horses and big tires are a winning combo, sometimes things look a little different.

3000hp turbo camaro conquer the concrete


The driver of this turbocharged Gen 2 Camaro packing a Troy Scott Racing Engines built big block Chevy V8 pushing over 3000 horse power had some serious issues keeping it straight. That doesn't mean we don't like the car, actually we totally loved it and can't wait to see its real potential.

Check out 1320video to see this Camaro drifting at the strip. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


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