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twin turbocharged ford mustang dragnfly

1400hp Fox Body Mustang “DragnFly”

This crazy wheelstanding twin turbo Fox Body Mustang shows up at variety of drag racing events packing different engines and always draws tons of attention with some awesome 1/4 mile passes. At first powered by a massive turbocharged 6.0 liter the “DragnFly” Mustang kicks in about 1000 horses and runs low 8 seconds launching with the front wheels in the sky.

dragnfly mustang fox body drag racing

Later on team 1320video catch up with this Fox Body Mustang at Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals, but the DragnFly already packs a Twin Turbocharged Forged 5.3 liter motor with a pair of 76mm turbos, the horsepower is already up to 1400 and this sick Fox Body Mustang faces some tough competitors on its way to the final.

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