Rare Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake Pace Car

2007 ford mustang shelby gt500 super snake pace car

Exclusive 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake!

When back in 2009 Shelby American sponsored a 427-mile racing event they also built exclusive Mustang Shelby GT500 pace cars to participate in the race and this astonishing muscle car is one of those ponies. Originally the plan was to have 427 Super Snakes produced, but only 202 die hard Ford enthusiast ordered one of those pace cars. Being one of those 202 and one of only 16 cars produced in White this 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake is quite a rare gem.

rare mustang shelby gt500 super snake pace car in white

This ultimate muscle car has been owned by one man since its production, it shows 644 original miles and has the official SVT certificate. It is set on special Eibach suspension built for Shelby and sits on 20-inch Shelby wheels fitted with Baer power disc brakes in the front. This 2007 Mustang GT500 Super Snake pace car packs a Supercharged 5.4 liter V8 motor producing 725 horsepower sent trough a Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox.

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