Story of The 1500hp Turbo Diesel 1970 Barracuda

1500hp turbo diesel 1970 plymouth barracuda

Randy Weaver on the Custom 1970 Cuda “Torc”

We have already featured this insanely customized 1970 Plymouth “Torc” Barracuda on Hot Cars when it was unveiled at the 2016 Detroit Autorama car show, but I am sure you would love to hear the story of the “Weaver Customs” radical build told by its creator.

weaver customs 1970 plymouth cuda torc

From the all steel killer body and fully customized interior all the way to the turbocharged Diesel engine under the hood pushing 1500 horsepower this one of custom 1970 Plymouth Cuda is a real show stopper.

See the Hot Rod Magazine video for all details. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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