Blown 1973 Plymouth Duster by Prison City Customs

prison city customs built 1973 plymouth duster


"Garage Squad" Stars' 1973 Duster at RT66!

If you follow the popular Velocity Channel's show "Garage Squad" then you will recognize the couple featured in this Hot Cars video right away. That's right I am talking about Joe Zolper and his lovely wife Jen filmed by my friend James Hrovat while doing licence passes at RT66 Joliet.

blown 1973 plymouth duster 512 on alcohol drag racing


The Sinister "Prison City Customs" built 1973 Plymouth Duster sports a 512 cubic inch V8 Stroker with 8/71 blower running on alcohol and actually is Jen's car. Although she had some technical issues with the torque converter of her Mopar Jen still managed to do few passes.

Check out the video. Watch, Enjoy & Share!