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Phenomenal 1968 Mustang Shelby GT350 Convertible

1968 shelby gt350 mustang convertible

The classic Shelby Mustangs are some of the most iconic cars of all times, becoming even more valuable after the great Carroll Shelby passed away, and here we have a true 1968 GT350 Convertible in perfect shape. Judging by the shiny chrome and fresh looking interior it is obvious that this Convertible Shelby Mustang have been trough partial restoration at some point, but everything looks as original as it gets.

Coming from a private collection this Convertible 1968 Mustang GT350 is registered at the Shelby American Automobile Club and is one incredibly well preserved piece of automotive history. At the time the video was filmed, this classic car belonged to the Auctions America and Scottie has one of their employees sharing more details. Play the video to see this beauty all the way around.

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