Killer 1500hp Tri-Five Chevy Build Project X-Box

pro rides built 1955 chevy goodguys nationals

1955 Chevy Custom by the Pro Rides Shop!

We have all seen plenty of cool Tri-Five builds, but the 1955 Chevrolet “Project X-Box” competing for the Street Machine of the Year award at the 2016 GoodGuys PPG Nationals car show is a true masterpiece that will totally blow your mind.

customized tri five chevy project x box

With countless body mods and wicked two tone paint job this highly customized Tri-Five Chevy is far from stock. The fully custom interior is out of this world as well and under the hood the Pro Rides built 1955 Chevy “Project X-Box” is fitted with insanely well detailed F2 Procharged 427 cubic inch V8 motor producing 1500 horsepower.

Check out Scottie’s video to see this masterpiece all the way around. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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