1970 Chevrolet Nova Nails It at Ethanol Nationals

turbocharged 1970 chevy nova drag racing at king of the corn


Turbocharged 1970 Nova at King of the Corn!

Considering the fact this Turbo 1970 Chevy Nova has been in the same family since the 90's you can imagine how well the owner and driver knows his muscle car and he proves it by pulling some awesome 8-second passes during the Ethanol Nationals drag racing event in Nebraska.

During the years this beautiful bow tie rocks various set ups. From Big Block V8's to Nitrous fed Small Block today this striking muscle car sports a 400 cubic inch LS engine boosted by a 91mm Turbocharger and totally hammered the competition at the Street Racer and Small Tire classes.


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Chevy Nova Goliath 2.0