Unique Custom Built Chevy MINI Nova | Video

hand made miniature 1970 chevy nova build


Wicked Hand Made 1970 Chevrolet Nova!

Wow, this Miniature Chevy Nova truly is one of the coolest and most unique builds we have seen around. Riding on a hand made tube chassis the hand made fiberglass body of the Mini Nova looks way different than your regular Chevy. The builder has put together a variety of components like front suspension from a Mustang, Toyota 8-bolt differential and fuel injected ZX Kawasaki motor pushing nearly 200 horses sent trough a 6-speed tranny. Once again we are truly impressed with the Chevy Mini Nova and it seems to be a lot of fun to drive as well.

Check out the video and if you like what you see you can find it on Craigslist as "Miniature 70 Nova"


1970 Chevy Nova Time Capsule