Convertible 2005 Mustang GT Cervini Video Review

convertible 2005 mustang cervini c300 edition video review

Rare 2005 Mustang Cervini C300 Edition!

Being one of the most beautiful modern Mustangs as well as one of the most customized muscle cars the 2005 Ford Mustang GT is a great ride even when stock. But when you add the killer Cervini package this Convertible 2005 Mustang C300 edition transforms into a real show stopper.

To attract even more eyeballs this pony is set on brand new 20-inch wheels by Foose Design and for more stylish cruising there are a lot of Billet additions on the inside of the Convertible GT Mustang. Under the hood is all stock, but the 4.6 liter V8 engine has a magnificent sound due to the Cervini Side Exhaust System.

See the video review brought to you by WeBe Autos. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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