Turbo 1965 Ford Mustang 289 Restomod in Action

turbo 1965 ford mustang restomod


Cool 1965 Mustang Custom by America Roadster!

As much as we like the early Mustangs in their original look, I have to admit this custom 1965 Mustang is built just right. While the body remains pretty much stock, the Grey & Black color theme combined with upgraded suspension and 5-spoke Alloy wheels gives it a very aggressive appearance.

The factory interior is also finished in Black and features low buckets, custom steering wheel and full set of aftermarket gauges nicely mixing old school with modern style. This 1965 Ford Mustang restomod certainly has the looks, but that's not where everything ends. Under the hood this classic Mustang is fitted with a Turbocharged 289 V8 motor producing enough power to take over the streets.


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