Sinister Twin Turbo LSX 1969 Camaro | Drag Racing

twin turbo lsx 1969 camaro drag racing


1300hp 1969 Camaro by Sloppy Mechanics!

Owned by Mark Friedrich and built by the Sloppy Mechanics this highly modified Black '69 Chevrolet Camaro is a real beast. It certainly has the hard core attitude we all like to see at the strip and to back it up this Gen 1 Camaro kicks in 1300 horsepower on race fuel.

The power comes from a 427 cubic inch LSX motor boosted by a pair of 76mm Billet turbos. Although it experiences some issues with one of the turbochargers the Sloppy Mechanics 1969 Camaro still runs the 1/4 mile for 7 seconds.


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2200hp Street Legal 1969 Camaro