Black 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 440 V8 Pro Street

1965 plymouth barracuda 440 v8 pro street

This 1965 Barracuda Is A True Mopar Beast!

These rarely found Plymouth cars also known as “Bubble Top Cuda’s” were some of the first examples of what we like to call a true muscle car. This particular 1965 Barracuda Fastback has been fully rebuilt and transformed into a menacing Pro Street beast nearly 10 years ago, but still garner a lot of attention with its ultra clean appearance, aggressive attitude and mean V8 voice.

black on black 1965 plymouth barracuda 440 automatic

The Black on Black color combo adds even more to the muscular attitude of this Plymouth Barracuda and although the body and interior are pretty much stock the mill of this Mopar is very well built in order to provide great power and torque for those who dare to try it. This Pro Street 1965 Barracuda sports a 440 V8 dressed with high performance goodies and married to a 727 auto transmission.

black pro street bubble top cuda

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