Bad To The Bone 1967 Chevy Chevelle 427 Big Block

427 big block 1967 chevy chevelle build

This Pro Street 1967 Chevelle Is A Real Monster!

Not sure whether this Chevy Chevelle is a true SS car, but either way it is built to define the true meaning of American muscle. The body work and paint are just perfect, but as soon as you see the huge cowl hood and racing style wheels you realize this 1967 Chevelle is a real pro street beast.

1967 chevrolet chevelle pro street

To complete the mean appearance of this muscle car a well massaged 427 Big Block Chevrolet V8 engine turns heads with its roar throughout the side pipe exhaust. Check out the video to see this bow tie all the way around and make sure you smack the Like button below!

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