This F1 Procharged Mustang GT Will Blow Your Mind

f1 procharged mustang gt mmr short block


The AZ Speed 2000 Mustang Sounds Like A Jet!

If you are a fan of the fourth generation Mustangs or you actually own one, this beast will certainly inspire you to do some mods to your pony. The guys at the Arizona Speed & Marine shop have done a tremendous job customizing this 2000 Ford Mustang.

The 715 horsepower and 635 pounds of torque are coming from a fully rebuilt and F1 procharged MMR short block engine attached to TKO 600 trans. The GT Mustang also has intake manifold and fuel rails from Edelbrock, 80lbs injectors, Wilson 90mm elbow and throttle body, custom blower cams and long tube headers achieving this brutal sound.