Wow…1500hp Twin Turbo ’61 Chevy Impala Restomod

pro touring 1961 chevrolet impala

This 1961 Impala Is Intimidation On Wheels!

Knowing how collectible are these classic cars in their original condition I can only imagine how challenging is to build an outstanding restomod like this Twin Turbo 1961 Chevy Impala. Of course when you combine passionate and skillful team, six-figure budget and plenty of time you can create a masterpiece like this Pro Touring Chevrolet and stop the traffic no matter where you go.

twin turbo chevy impala dart m big block engine

The tremendous body work & paint are more than obvious, but in order to achieve this killer look the builders have set this Blue Metallic 1961 Impala restomod on McCoy Race Car Chassis, upgraded suspension and one-off custom 18-inch Schott wheels wrapped in fat Mickey Thompson’s at the rear.

custom built 1961 chevy impala big block

The Black interior of this Twin Turbo Chevy Impala is done at the “Cassin Customs” shop. A combination of high end leather and vinyl, custom center console with additional set of gauges, 8-point roll cage and much more awesome details promise safe ride in style.

twin turbocharged 1961 impala pro toruing

The heart of this custom built 1961 Chevrolet Impala of course is under the hood. The engine compartment is fitted with Twin Turbocharged 509 CID Dart M Big Block with endless list of mods equal to 669hp when tuned for the street. If you fill her up with race fuel, change the tune and turn up the boost this Pro Touring ’61 Impala becomes an intimidation on wheels rated at over 1500 horsepower.

Check Out Custom Classics Auto Body & Restoration video to see this beast in action. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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