700hp Big Block 1969 Camaro Pro Touring Beast

700hp big block 1969 camaro pro touring build


This 1969 Camaro Is What You Call A Killer Build!

The new owner of what seems to be a top notch Pro Touring Chevrolet Camaro is extremely happy with the aggressive look, awesome Red custom interior and monstrous Shafiroff Big Block 540 V8 motor producing over 700hp, but very soon it turns up that his muscle car can't really handle the amount of power and torque.

pro touring 1969 camaro v8 speed & resto shop


This is when he contacts the V8 Speed & Resto shop and the skillful crew accepts the challenge to add the necessary mods and upgrades to the Silver Pro Touring 1969 Camaro without damaging it. Entirely new Detroit Speed suspension, wheel tubs, set of Forgeline's wrapped in Toyo tires, new brakes and Holley EFI is what it took in order to complete this muscle car build.

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Tremendous 1969 Camaro SS Restoration by Kult Cars