1500hp Plymouth 572 HEMI Duster - It's a Ghost!

1972 plymouth duster the ghost drag racing


This Procharged Plymouth Duster Is One Mean Machine!

Although those Plymouth cars were quite popular within the racers back in the day it has been a while since we've seen an old school Mopar dominating a drag racing event. Well this 1972 Plymouth Duster a.k.a "The Ghost" is a serious competitor at No Prep and although the owner still hasn't figured out the chassis he did pretty well.

Powered by a monstrous 572 cubic inch HEMI V8 motor equipped with F2 Procharger unit the 1972 Plymouth Duster kicks in 1500 horsepower controlled by a 727 Torqueflite tranny. Facing some serious competition in the small tire class at NEAD's No Prep in Oskaloosa "The Ghost" HEMI Duster made it to the final proving that it deserves its nickname.


1972 plymouth hemi duster drag racing

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Blown Plymouth Duster by Prison City Customs