Can You Believe This 1948 Dodge Is a Shop Truck?

twin turbo cummins dodge truck


Rustic Nail & Co With The Coolest Dodge Truck Ever!

What started life as 1948 Dodge Pilot-House cab bought by Kyle Cochran for $22 back in the day has been waiting for its time to become in my opinion the coolest shop truck ever built.

Kyle and the guys at Rustic Nail & Co have done a killer body work on this one with most of it being hand made and despite the huge wheels and AccuAir suspension this 1948 Dodge truck still looks as old school as it gets.


Rustic Nail & Co dodge shop truck

Nothing but a basic refreshment is done to the interior as the Dodge Pilot-House cab is designed to be used on a daily basis.


1948 dodge truck build

Under the hood of this custom built 1948 Dodge truck sits a King Speed Diesel built Twin Turbo Cummins 24V engine producing tons of power and torque.

1948 dodge pilot house cab custom trucks

Check out the video to learn more. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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